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About Us

We do things differently


We do things differently. The first step for a new member is to work out their body type, we all do and like different things. We ask questions, such as: • Do you have cold hands and feet? • Do you think and analyse things too much? • Can you skip a meal when busy, or do you become irritable when you miss a meal? These questions tell us much more about your individual body type and personality than the conventional fitness tests and questionnaires. To complete the picture, we do a postural, strength and flexibility analysis, as well. Once all the information is collected, we know exactly how to design your programme for the best results.


Our Mission


We are a team of professionals that are passionate in everything that we do. We coach, educate and support our members to achieve their goals through effective body and mind techniques. We understand our customers and want to help them live balanced lives through education and personal attention.

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